The Society of the Friedrich Seidemann Descendants of America

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Banner at Seidemann Family Reunion


The Annual Reunion is just around the corner. Save Sunday July 16 and join with family and friends and celebrate our 164th year in the U.S. This will be our 84th Annual Family Reunion. Last we had just under 300 at the Reunion. Follow this link to the Invitation for information about this year's Reunion.

Next year, we will be celebrating 165 years in America. If you think of something special to help us celebrate, let the Family Secretary know, so the committee can start planing. Speaking of planning, I hope you have plans to attend next years Reunion on July 15 as well as this year's reunion.

Another source of family information is the Seidemann Facebook page. Visit both the website and the facebook pages frequently.

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We have just posted the obituary for Henry (Hank) Dean Grefe on the website.

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Check our website frequently to see updates on the family events, such as anniversaries, weddings, births, obituaries. If you have information about these events, contact the Family Secretary.. This also helps to keep the family tree data current.